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What is Recycling?

Think of recycling as a natural progression. Regeneration is an integral part of nature. Plants, animals, water and countless other elements in nature pass through a cycle of birth, growth and death. After a purely natural element is used, it serves to regenerate in some way or form. Animals feed meat-eating predators. Plants provide nutrition to many species. The nutrients pass through the body and are deposited in various locations. The excrement fertilizes the land or insects consume it. The fertile soil provides a place for new plants to grow.

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Trento® Öko trio 33 Stainless Steel

Pedal waste separator
· Rectangular housing made from stainless steel · Black plastic lid · Internal pedal mechanism
· Ergonomically wide foot pedal, black plastic · 3 removable
inner bins (3 x 11 l): plastic, green/brown/yellow

Trento® Öko duo 30

The pedal waste separator with two inner bins of different sizes.

Recycling Begins With Individual

Organisation begins with the individual. Consumers can help by making sure that they use a recycling bin properly. The bins are designed to provide a designated place for different materials.

A good recycling bin offers a design that keeps pests away from the waste material. This benefits the consumer and the recycling plant. The pests will not make a mess and they won’t wind up at the facility.

It helps to know what material need to be recycled. The first thing to consider is the product. Many items are created with no regards to how they will be recycled. This poses a huge challenge because the items are not developed for recycling.