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Natural Organic House Cleaning Products


enchantrixOur mission is to provide a range of harmless organic products that will allow people to live their lives free of toxic chemicals and do the least damage possible to the earth and all the creatures in the process.
  • We will not compromise for the sake of money.
  • We believe in supporting the local economy by using local manual labour and ingredients (as far as possible)
  • We aim to keep our prices reasonable thereby making our products affordable to most.
  • Enchantrix products are formulated according to the strict standards set down by Ecocert France. Our individual products however, are not certified, and the reason for this is that there is NO certifying body in South Africa, that is internationally recognized, that has the jurisdiction with which to do so.


Triple Organge

triple orangeLove your laundry !
  • For the cleanest wash and freshest fragrance guaranteed.A powerful, pH-balanced, laundry detergent and degreaser which acts as a softener as well.
  • It removes unwanted stains, cleans thoroughly and enhances softness.
  • Gentle on your clothes, leaves no residue and will not affect people with sensitive skin and allergies

Available sizes:1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg
Please note: 20lt drums are available for all products

backing soda
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly products is not only good for the environment; it is good for the health of everyone in the building. 
  • For example, non-toxic cleaning supplies are less likely to incite allergic reactions or cause asthma attacks. Cleaning services that specialize in using only natural, chemical free products are growing. 
  • Try finding one, if the size of a building demands a cleaning crew



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