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No matter which challenge you wish to rise to: the new GLE is the right partner to help you go for it. Off-road enthusiasts will be particularly happy about this; and everyone else will simply enjoy the luxury of being able to drive into difficult territory when they want, without having to worry about it.

With this vehicle you can enjoy every metre on the way to your destination. You can set the DYNAMIC SELECT Controller to suit your requirementscomfortable, sporty, winter-proof, off-road-ready or individual. Parameters such as engine, transmission, steering and suspension characteristics are modified in accordance with the drive program chosen (suspension settings only in conjunction with the optional AIRMATIC package).

The optional Off-Road Engineering package's "Offroad+" drive mode provides the optimal settings for driving away from surfaced roads. Its low-range gearbox facilitates slow and better-paced off-road driving, with a high level of traction. This makes the new GLE ideally suited to controlled mountain descents, particularly on surfaces with minimal traction.

The new GLE is one of the safest vehicles in its segment. It has comprehensive and intelligently-coordinated safety equipment for every one of the four phases in the integral safety concept from Mercedes-Benz.

The term "Intelligent Drive" covers the many functionally-coordinated assistance systems working together in the vehicle. With this concept, Mercedes-Benz takes a big step closer towards realising its vision of accident-free driving.

The optional Driving Assistance package Plus takes more strain off the driver and provides greater safety and greater protection. This combination of complementary safety and assistance systems helps to relieve driver stress, reduce the risk of accidents and improve protection for both the occupants and other road users.

ModelCylinder arrangement/numberDisplacement (cc)Rated output (kW at rpm)[1]Top speed (km/h)Fuel consumption, combined (l/100 km)[2]CO2 emissions combined (g/km)[2]
GLE 400 V6 2996 – (245/5250–6000) – (247) – (9.2–8.8) 215
GLE 500 V8 4663 – (320/5250) – (250, electronically limited) – (11.5–11.0) 269
Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 V8 5461 – (410/5750) – (250) – (11.8) 276
Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S V8 5461 – (430/5500) – (250) – (11.8) 276

Have a master of all trades working for you.
The petrol engines for the new GLE work systematically to gain your trust. They get round obstacles without causing friction, work tirelessly to transport you and possess yet another quality, which makes them the dynamic all-rounders they undoubtedly are: they can really open up when you want them to.

Confidence creates inner peace.
Enjoy the peace granted to you by the new GLE through its almost imperceptible gear-changing. Enjoy the harmonious gear spacing which is more than forgiving if you want to skip a few gears. Enjoy the confidence you can have in this automatic transmission. Enjoy.

Equipment availability depends on the engine and configuration selected. You will find details in the equipment information for each model.