DRAKENSBERG-RELFECTION2The case for Northern Drakensberg... Easy to get to in under four hours from either Bloemfontein, Joburg and Durban, and extremely scenic (particularly from the newly reopened R74), the proximity of the Northern Drakensberg to every other major city socks a big FOMO to any nature-loving Capetonian.

Alzheimer-66ev0n5vzxoph9rfxozycvsxvnoidks7m7r759ugul6The pharmaceutical industry is threatened by St. John's wort. That's because study after study continues to prove that this natural herb effectively and safely treats depression – just as well as antidepressants.

Mosquito Tasmania crop

Summer is the ideal time to picnic, braai, swim, suntan and hold just about all our social get-togethers outdoors. The only downside to this is mosquitoes. That annoying whine and the itchy bites are enough to ruin any outdoor occasion. And just when you think you have tracked down the culprit, there always seems to be another one close behind...

BrainHarvardMeditation-657x360Meditation has been linked with numerous health benefits and measurable positive physical changes. While some criticize it as "navel-gazing," calling it too "new-age" or a waste of time, the truth is that meditation brings a range of benefits to the body, mind and spirit.


What type of meal do you like?

Butter Poached Salmon Over Cheesy Grits with Poached Egg and Bacon Gravy