Environmental pollution is evolving. The ocean is becoming more toxic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is becoming bigger. The chemical industry is evolving, creating new chemical soups by the hour around the world. The pharmaceutical industry is evolving, even overreaching and controlling the nutraceutical industry, and not always evolving in our best interests.

Pathogens are evolving—more and more new strains of pathogens that have been released from labs over the last hundred years and keep people sick with chronic illness are mutating and strengthening as we pass those pathogens around to each other, whether through our family line or any other means of exposure.

Genetically modified food is evolving, with more and more land bought to grow more and more varieties of GMO food. Dangerous chemicals in our world are evolving. EMF is evolving. The caffeine industry is evolving. Corruption is evolving, corruption on all levels.

Chemical fragrances—scented candles, air fresheners, fabric softeners, conventional cleaners and detergents, colognes, perfumes, and fungicides—are all evolving. The very air around us is evolving. And this is just some of what we are up against.

All of this brings us to the immune system, which is responsible for protecting the brain. Our immune systems were never made for what’s evolving around us. Every time something foreign enters into our body, our immune cells have to gobble it up. Our immune system is the security system against any attackers that want to invade our brain.

Our immune system has a big job in defending our brain. How long a white blood cell lasts against a toxic invader depends on how toxic the substance is. White blood cells die when they’re defending us. They’re the soldiers we’re completely unaware of who are fighting for our lives.

Here’s how it works: As a white blood cell gobbles up nanoparticles of, say, air freshener fragrance or toxic heavy metal, it can get filled up. It’s taking the hit for us, and that hit is like a stab. It means the white blood cell won’t last long. It continues to gobble up the toxic nanoparticles until the white blood cell ceases to live because it either outright dies or it explodes. It’s the same with fighting pathogens. When a white blood cell fights a pathogen, the pathogen explodes, and the white blood cell often explodes with it. In many situations, a white blood cell dies when it’s killing a pathogen. White blood cells are not as easily replaced as we think they are. The more white blood cells that die quickly due to exposure, the bigger the gap before newly created ones arrive.

This battle is part of how we’re evolving backward, not forward. Our immune system isn’t evolving in the direction of strengthening. We’re becoming more deficient, more intoxicated, and our immune systems are further weakened, our brains further threatened—unless we’re proactive about our exposures, alongside restoring and rebuilding our immune system. We can adapt if we’re knowledgeable about the brain betrayers all around us—and if we support our brain and body by giving our immune system what it needs to defend us.


Intermittent onsets of severe seizures come from large deposits of heavy metals. Sometimes there are even clusters of large deposits, although it’s usually only a cluster of two deposits.

What creates these seizures is the interaction of metals–specifically, an alloy of mercury, aluminum, and copper, with all three of those residing next to each other and sometimes even partially forged together through excessive heat exchange from past seizures. Most people who suffer from severe seizures were exposed to all three metals at the same time, rather than exposed to different metals at random different times.

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