La Motte Pierneef Sauvignon Blanc

 La Motte Pierneef Sauvignon Blanc Whale Cottage


Made from biologically grown grapes, this ample bodied wine shows intense lemon, melon and green apple flavours complemented by aromas from the natural flora (‘fynbos’) in its habitat – a veritable expression of its unique terroir. The crisp acidity lends freshness to the palate.

ORIGIN The wine is a blend of 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Semillon. The Sauvignon Blanc originates from vineyards in the Elgin, Bot River, Elim and Napier areas and the Semillon from the Bot River area alone. These vineyards fall under the new classification Origin Cape South Coast and are of the most southerly situated vineyards in Africa.
VINTAGE Good winter rains and cold resulted in even, slightly later budding. Warmer conditions later, with ample rain towards the end of November and during early January caused lush growth, which promoted favourable conditions for disease. Fortunately, regular winds during January helped to control botrytis. Yield was good and healthy where harvesting was early. Acids were more unstable, while pH was high.
VITICULTURE Each vineyard grows in its own macro climate and different clones are represented. All the vineyards are trellised and managed to keep leaf coverage and yield in perfect balance. Soils are mostly of a shale origin, with medium potential. Due to cool conditions, low fertility is maintained, with yield being approximately 6 tonnes/ha. The Elgin area has deeper soils with a higher potential and a yield of approximately 8 tonnes/ha.
VINICULTURE Grapes were harvested at between 20 and 22 degrees Balling. Skin contact of approximately 16 hours was allowed. Fermentation was at approximately 14 degrees Celsius. The wines were removed from the heavier lees, but left on the fine lees for five months. Then blending followed. The wine was bottled at the end of July and 10 000 cartons (6 x 750 ml) will be released.
ANALYSIS Alcohol 12,77% Vol Residual sugar 2,3 g/l Total acid 6,1 g/l pH 3,44
CELLARMASTER'S IMPRESSIONS Vineyards in the cool, emerging areas near the southernmost tip of Africa are combined to produce a wine of Origin Cape South Coast. The wine is thriol-driven and shows, especially, citrus and grenadilla flavours. Green pepper flavours are in the background. Very elegant palate with a mineral finish.
CONNOISSEUR'S CHOICE A refreshing aperitif and perfect with salads, sea-foods, sea-food pasta and spicy foods such as Chinese and Thai dishes.