1011984 471471236288264 2102150555 nBut Org de Rac is much more than organic – more than vineyards, wine, lavender, rosemary, olives and no words for the fantastic view and beautiful surroundings.

Up close and personal you'll discover a true green heartbeat at the foot of the Piketberg, embracing the Swartland with a free spirit, living an organic dream and a biodiverse philosophy and constantly striving for balance between nature, people and business.

Org de Rac symbolises creation, conservation and respect for the virgin soil which belongs to tomorrow.

Our approach at Org de Rac stems from a deep respect and commitment to the natural environment, the people involved in making our wine and the people who will finally enjoy our wine.

The result of our organic farming methods is a harvest of grapes that is raised in healthy soil, fertilized by living, organic compost and that was never sprayed or exposed to any form of chemical pesticide, herbicide or fungicide. (Read more about our Sustainable Farming Methods here).

These organically produced grapes are then taken to our cellar and made into wine according to strict principles and controlled practices, before being bottled, labelled and matured right here on the estate.
Org de Rac absolutely adheres to organic winemaking techniques with low sulphur additions - resulting in a more natural, healthier wine on your table.

The delicious range of healthier wines of superior quality and taste that ends up in your glass was therefore grown and made to the highest modern standards and with the utmost respect for the earth, its people and above all, for you - the discerning wine lover who cares.


Sustianable Farming

Because we believe that healthy, well-balanced plants have the ability to protect themselves against most predators and diseases, our grapes are grown in previously untouched, healthy soil, carefully nurtured with only natural compost and organic nutrients. In order to control mildew disease, we have planted the vineyards to take best advantage of the prevailing wind direction to allow natural drying of the leaves.

Cover crops planted between rows provide additional organic nutrition. Our environmentally friendly pest-control methods include a small army of ducks that patrols the vineyards, ridding the vines of snails and insects.

Drip irrigation, focusing the water where it is needed, conserves this valuable resource.

All picking is done by hand. This secures jobs for our community, and we also offer development and training to our staff to empower them in organic farming practices. In the cellar grapes are also sorted by hand to remove all unwanted materials.

Picnics need to be booked 48 hours in advance.

Org de Rac range free of charge.
Methode Cap Classique 2011
Chardonnay Unwooded 2013
Chardonnay Lightly wooded 2013
Merlot 2013
Shiraz 2012
Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Org De Rac Reserve Merlot

OdR Reserve Merlot upA feast of concentrated berry fruit flavours combines with undertones of cigar box, leather and rich vanilla.

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