Harris Organic winemaker Duncan Harris loves making different styles of wine, from dry flor fino sherry to full bodied easy drinking reds. He has made every different style of wine over the past 20 years. Every year he makes our ever popular shiraz, made in a traditional style where the resulting wine is soft and smooth, made with care and without fining and filtering. 
The red wines are sealed with cork, a natural product, a wine that is good for you and the environment.  Duncan Harris started making wines from Swan Valley grapes in 1994 with a fellow winemaker. The first wine was a preservative free shiraz dessert wine, followed by a muscat liqueur wine. In February 1999 Duncan started the first vintage at his new Swan Valley winery in Memorial Avenue, Baskerville.
The first wines for the list were chenin blanc and shiraz winning bronze medals at the Swan Valley wineshow in the year 2000.

Why Organic?
They believe that theirchildren should have clean air and fertile soil so that even the children of their children and so on can prosper. They believe in the care of animals. They believe that art and science can provide a better future for themelves and their children. They believe in caring for the soil our grapes grow in to make the best possible wines. They believe that with minimal inputs, incredible wine can be made.

What is organic wine?
Organic wine starts in the vineyard.
By enhancing soil biodiversity and maintaining its fertility, the grapes can truly thrive. By keeping our estate free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers, our land is not only better for the grapes today but also tomorrow. The only irrigation our grapes receive is what’s generously donated by the sky; we don’t use any artesian water on our vines here. During processing, they only add natural yeast to their ferments and use the lowest possible amounts of preservatives and additives. Every wine is made with a truly organic approach and is fermented, matured, and bottled right here on our premises.  

Organic grapes from Harris's organic vineyard are carefully handpicked from their non irrigated vines. The grapes are fermented in open top containers, carefully matured in stainless steel tanks and bottled on the premises. Actually all grape growing, winemaking and bottling operations are performed on the premises. We are independent vignerons making handmade wines. Our winemaker’s fingerprints are on every bottle.

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