Reyneke Biodynamic Red Wine 2008 Reserve 78092.1440660891.1280.1280WINEMAKING by Craig

"The wine is an expression of my creativity & is forged for you to involve all senses in experiencing it.

Earth Wind Water Fire Ether

NO: yeasts, tannins, animal fining agents

About Bob
My wine making journey started 11 years ago during my final year at Elsenberg wine College.
B and I have 2 beautiful little boys that inspire us to even greater heights.
I love what I do and trust that you will too!" 


Cosmic Flower My Red 2013

33.3% Merlot / 33.3% Cabernet Franc / 33.3% Cabernet Sauvignon

Hand picked grapes – Basket pressed
Natural fermentation, Co-fermented – 14 days skin contact
Barrel matured for 11 months

Un-fined and un-filtered
954 bottles made

Label art by Elemental Bob

Reminding us of the lapping ocean waves of Hermanus – the sea breeze and fun times with friends and family.

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