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The Construction industry on the other hand saw significant decrease in jobs over the last year of over 50%.

Trending jobs in June include Actuarial Management, Senior Management and Internal Auditors.

According to Career Junction, software development skills, middle management and admin skills are currently in high demand, though the industries remain highly competitive with a lot of people vying for positions.

“IT professionals are in high demand within the South African job market. Programmers and Software Developers are at the forefront of market demand. This is especially true for programmers with .Net and or C# skills,” the group said.

The country’s top employment sectors are:

Supply and demand

“Year-on-year, the IT, Telecoms and Finance industries have seen a growth in market demand. Vacancy levels are up by 23-24% within the IT and Telecoms industries since June last year, followed by the Finance industry with a growth of 15% year-on-year,” CareerJunction said.

Despite a steady decrease in jobs during the second and third quarters of 2015, demand within the Manufacturing and HR industries has since stabilised. Demand also seems to be stable within the Engineering industry.

The Building & Construction, Retail, Motor and Distribution industries saw a decrease in vacancy levels in recent months.

This following a temporary uptake in Construction jobs during January and February and Retail jobs during March and April. Year-on-year, jobs in Construction is down by 55%.

Here is how the sectors are performing:

Growing demand

Finance growTelecom grow

Stable demand

HR stabEng stabManu stab

Decreasing demand

motor decretail decbnc dec>Dist dec