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  • Travel Time

    Travel time is the factor that influenced most households’ choice of transport. This is just one of the findings of the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), conducted by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) in 2013 for the National Department of Transport.

  • Formule 1

    McLaren: 2017 cars will ‘just look meaner’. The extensive regulation changes for the coming season mean that Formula One cars will be even more pleasing to the eye in 2017. That is according to McLaren’s technical director Tim Goss, who says the revisions have had a dramatic effect on the appearance of his and rival teams’ new machines..

  • Arrive Alive

    Road safety is not only a major concern for South Africa but indeed a concern that requires the immediate attention of Nations worldwide. The Commission for Global Road Safety has during June 2006 presented a Report titled “Make Roads Safe” that could have a far reaching effect on the way we approach road safety.

  • Free Credit Report

    Get Your Free Credit Report You have a right to a free annual credit report as per the National Credit Act. You will get an intriguing insight into your current credit status.

  • Pay Fines

    Once registered on payCity you will be able to view and pay your fines for the following areas: JMPD (Both AARTO and Pre-AARTO fine) City of Cape Town Tshwane Stellenbosch Paarl Zeerust Free State Province Emfuleni (Vanderbijl Park and Sebokeng) Mossel Bay George Ulundi Bushbuckridge Breede Valley Overstrand Theewaterskloof Ubuntu

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Soulcare Pro-active offers various security features form:

  • Pro-Active Hi-jack hotspot monitoring
  • Counselling in trauma situations
  • Help in finding missing people 
  • Inside Information on various cases

  • small courtThe aim of the small claims system itself is first and foremost to make justice - a costly commodity - accessible to those who cannot afford litigation in the ordinary civil courts
  • Essentially, the system is a Court of Equity, aimed at fairness and inexpensive, prompt justice.If both parties to a claim are present in court, each is given an opportunity to present his or her case (without the aid of a lawyer). The commissioner also questions them, in order to establish the facts, and to make a fair decision - indeed, to avoid "rough justice"

    The system is strictly for the use of private individuals, and Sect 7 of the Small Claims Courts Act (no. 61 of 1984) specifically excludes access, as Plaintiff, to "juristic persons" such as public and private companies, CCs, Bodies Corporate etc. Access is also denied to Trusts.
  • The present maximum claimable is R12 000
  • Presenting yourself to win!
    • Make sure your claim is legally valid – see a lawyer, but do not rely on advice from the Small Claims Court staff. As helpful as they are, they are clerks and have no legal qualifications or training
    • Make sure you claim from the correct person
    • Keep the details simple - a complicated claim may be thrown out as not suitable for the small claims system
    • Remember to take with you to court all the documents and witnesses needed to prove your claim

    Information from the Ombudsman

    The procedure is basically:-

    1. The despatch of a letter of demand addressed to the proposed defendant giving the defendant 14 days in which to make payment and threatening the issue of summons in the Small Claims Court if payment is not made. This letter of demand must either be delivered personally to the defendant or sent by registered post and proof of posting made available.
    2. On proof of the despatch in terms of the Rules of that letter of demand and the expiry of the 14 days, the Clerk of the Small Claims Court will arrange the issue of the summons and will assist the claimant in preparing the summons. The summons calls upon the defendant to attend the Small Claims Court on a particular day and at a stated time to answer the claim made.
    3. The summons must be served in a number of ways provided by the Rules of the Court by the Deputy Sheriff of the Magistrate's Court for the district.  The Deputy Sheriff's charges of service, which vary according to the distance he has to travel, are usually in the region of R100.00 are the only actual costs which a claimant will have to pay in regard to the matter. The defendant on receiving the summons may provide a written defence, if s/he wishes to do so, which should be sent to the Clerk of the Court and the claimant, but otherwise, s/he can simply turn up at the hearing and present their defence to the claim.
    4. The hearing takes place before a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court, who is usually a lawyer or a legal academic with at least seven years experience and the procedure before him is also simpler than in an ordinary Court of Law. The Commissioner will assist both parties to conduct their own cases insofar as s/he can, will try to do away with technical formalities and will usually deliver judgement, where this is possible, after hearing all the witnesses on each side and on the same day. The decision has the effect of a formal judgement and is as legally effective as a judgement given in the Magistrate's Court. The parties conduct their own case and lengthy cross-examinations and re-examinations of witnesses are avoided by the fact that the Commissioners ask all the questions, and the Small Claims Courts enjoy an excellent reputation for the administration of simple and swift justice.
    5. If therefore the Ombudsman suggests to you the use of the Small Claims Court as an alternative, give that suggestion careful consideration. Using the Small Claims Court in suitable cases may save a lot of debate and correspondence and bring about a swifter end to the dispute.
    6. If you do not know where the Small Claims Court in your area is, enquire at the local Magistrate's Court and you will be given the necessary information. Choose the Court which has jurisdiction over the person of the proposed defendant, that is where the proposed defendant lives or carries on business there, or where the actual cause of action arose, being the place where the contract or agreement was entered into within the Court's jurisdiction.


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