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  • Travel Time

    Travel time is the factor that influenced most households’ choice of transport. This is just one of the findings of the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), conducted by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) in 2013 for the National Department of Transport.

  • Formule 1

    McLaren: 2017 cars will ‘just look meaner’. The extensive regulation changes for the coming season mean that Formula One cars will be even more pleasing to the eye in 2017. That is according to McLaren’s technical director Tim Goss, who says the revisions have had a dramatic effect on the appearance of his and rival teams’ new machines..

  • Arrive Alive

    Road safety is not only a major concern for South Africa but indeed a concern that requires the immediate attention of Nations worldwide. The Commission for Global Road Safety has during June 2006 presented a Report titled “Make Roads Safe” that could have a far reaching effect on the way we approach road safety.

  • Free Credit Report

    Get Your Free Credit Report You have a right to a free annual credit report as per the National Credit Act. You will get an intriguing insight into your current credit status.

  • Pay Fines

    Once registered on payCity you will be able to view and pay your fines for the following areas: JMPD (Both AARTO and Pre-AARTO fine) City of Cape Town Tshwane Stellenbosch Paarl Zeerust Free State Province Emfuleni (Vanderbijl Park and Sebokeng) Mossel Bay George Ulundi Bushbuckridge Breede Valley Overstrand Theewaterskloof Ubuntu

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Soulcare Motorsport



Soulcare Transport - loyalty program

Soulcare is a Group of companies focused on environmental awareness, healthy living, eating and lifestyle. Satisfying the basic needs of people! 

Healer & CEO of Soulcare
Omar Botha

Soulcare Group of companies are in the process of launching its Mobile Payment Solution and Soulcare Lifestyle Loyalty Program
Our Transport program includes partners in the following industries:
Finance, Insurance, Motor, Tyre, Windscreen, Battery, Telemetry, Fleet management, and many more.
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  1. Our mission is to provide awareness & educating on the importance of sustainable energy (contributing to a sustainable environment reduced fuel cost & CO2 emissions), responsibility towards caring for the earth.
  2. Intelligent Fleet Management 
  3. Setting the standards for new and used car sales
  4. Safe effective transport and pro-active Road support
  5. Education and points gain on road signs and rules





About 90% of the aluminum used in cars is recycled.

aluminiumAbout 90% of the aluminum used in cars is recycled.Automobile manufacturing has been one of the main uses of aluminum, and about 90% of it that is used to make vehicles has been recycled. An estimated one-third of all aluminum in the US is used for automobiles.Aluminum is much more lightweight than steel and typically is preferable for automobile parts such as wheel rims, radiators, cylinders and pistons.This metal's lighter weight allows vehicles to move more efficiently, using less fuel and emitting less pollution. 

The Holland Tunnel ventilationThe Holland Tunnel ventilation system can replace all the air inside the tunnel in 90 seconds.The Holland Tunnel, which was the first underwater passageway for vehicles, is equipped with a ventilation system that blows fresh air through ducts in the roadway while exhaust ducts above the roadway remove fumes. It was built from 1920 to 1927 under the Hudson River to connect New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey. The Holland Tunnel's ventilation system of 84 fans makes it possible for all of the air inside the tunnel to be completely replaced with clean air within 90 seconds. Until this ventilation system was devised, underwater vehicular crossings were too dangerous to implement because of carbon monoxide buildup.
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