Alfa-Romeo-Stelvio-8The sports utility vehicle has turned into a dominant class for motorists in South Africa over the past while. Such is the popularity of driving a raised platformed vehicle, that manufacturers have in recent years moved into producing crossovers, blending style with a slightly more rugged drive.

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In my opinion, among nuts, pecans are the best and have been one of my favorite snacks for years; they're also one of the healthiest.

Fat Food   Set by helmucEating out at fast food joints seems to be a way of life for most families. After all, how common is it to see a car filled with children pulling out of a McDonald's lot or to catch the glimpse of a parked car, toys and French fry boxes scattered about the back seat?


By age 60, you have a 50/50 chance of having a clinically enlarged prostate. And it only gets worse every year. When your prostate isn't functioning properly, it's hard to enjoy life.

 Chicken-Factory-FarmDemand for food at cheaper prices has dramatically altered the entire food chain...