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 autonomic-300x245The Emotional Body:

It makes us sensitive to the beauty in life like nature, music, dance and arts in life In one of the newsletters we talked about LOVE & FEAR All the beautiful positive emotions that fall under LOVE heal us and all the negative emotions that fall under FEAR make us ill.All illnesses and pains come from negative emotions that we do not acknowledge Illnesses like Cancer, Heart Deceases, HIV Aids, Flu, Sinusitis and more develop in our bodies because of negative emotions that we do not deal with in our lives. Different negative emotions, cause all kinds of different illnesses in the body and positive emotions heal our bodies.Every one has the ability to keep themselves healthy by acknowledging their emotions and dealing with it in a positive way.Let us look at what Natural Healers do:They treat the root of all the illness / problems while doctors treat the systems of the illness.Even the Churches have created Fear in people's minds to believe what is right or wrong.There are no such things as sins, only mistakes.

Look at the meaning of the Crucifixion.
Jesus said "Forgive them, Father they know not what they do."What he says is that it was nothing more than an extreme lesson of LOVE & FORGIVENESS.

Gut Feelings and Broken Hearts

The gut, heart, lungs and skin have very important effects on emotions, motivation and cognition. While internal states can change these organs, external events can cause heart pounding, heavy breathing, stomach pains, or skin crawling. We describe feelings as hurt feelings, cutting to the quick and heartache. The two major branches of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic, are intimately tied to all the visceral organs, such as the gut, heart, lungs, and the kidneys, and are also very connected to emotions. Only a very small part of this enormous innervation is perceived consciously, such as those circuits used for eating and bowel movements. Both the sympathetic (adrenaline – fight and flight) nervous system and the parasympathetic (rest, dreaming, rebuilding – acetylcholine) are important in emotions and were highlighted in the posts on sleep, dreaming, body consciousness and spiritual experiences.



Emotions in the Fingers

finger emotions

The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health

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