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diamond Synova owned and supplied patented LMJ technology that had the potential to help diamantaires achieve higher yields, reduce the risk of damage to stress slopes and generate higher throughput owing to faster cutting time and easier processing. De Beers outlined that it planned to work with Synova to develop a fully automated shaping technology with LMJ at its core, which would offer further efficiencies to the cutting and polishing business. De Beers CEO Phillipe Mellier said as efficiency became more important for diamantaires, the new cutting technology had the potential to play an important role in the industry.

Just wanted to say that it's time for us to put back into earth We cannot always take and not give back to mother earth. Thanks alot!

The West Africa-focused diamond development company received formal approval to start bulk sampling at its Tongo licence, in Sierra Leone, after initial examinations of the bulk samples recovered a 0.348 ct diamond. “In view of recent recoveries, it is likely that the mobile diamond washer Explorer 1 will remain in Tongo [longer than anticipated] for the remainder of the year and continue washing gravel throughout the rainy season. Extraction of gravel in preparation for the rainy season has begun,” the company said in an update to shareholders on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, preparation work was under way for soil sampling to start at Golden Saint’s Baja licence area, which comprised the “priority area one” Baoma region in the Bo district, in Sierra Leone. The company planned to acquire a second explorer bulk-sampling machine for the area. A further six diamonds, sized 2.54 ct, 1.3 ct, 0.73 ct, 0.69 ct, 0.30 ct and 0.26 ct, had also been recovered by Golden Saint-sponsored local miners in Zimmi, in Sierra Leone.

The company had, to date, sponsored seven artisanal mining licences for diamonds in the Zimmi region and two artisanal mining licences for gold in the Makali region. The diamonds recovered in Zimmi and at Tongo would be sent in the next few weeks to Perth for sorting prior to being despatched for cutting and polishing. Golden Saint had also raised £23 678.40 for general working capital purposes through the issue of 15.8-million new ordinary shares at 15p apiece